And now, a basic outline of our class:

August 28: First class. We meet. We discuss the first assignment. We talk about sketches.

September 4: Sketches for assignment 1 due. Drawing and distorting from the model, pattern work.

September 11: First assignment due. Second assignment given out. Drawing from the model, distorting the human figure. Bring drawing supplies to class.

September 18: Sketches due for second assignment. Architectural drawings outside, depending on the weather. Warped perspective.

September 25: We do not meet for class this week (Jewish Holidays). Work on that second assignment!

October 2: Second assignment due. Third assignment passed out. Drawing and distorting from taxidermy animals.

October 9: Third assignment sketches due. Drawing and distorting from taxidermy animals.

October 16: Assignment 3 due, VIA EMAIL. I will respond to your email with assignment number 4. SPECIAL WEEK. Red Nose Studio is coming for symposium, and I would be remiss if I didn’t heavily lean on you to go. As such, we are not meeting for class this week. Attendance at Symposium this week (Wednesday October 15) is mandatory, unless you’ve got another class. I will be there. This is a lecture you simply don’t want to miss out on. The following morning (Thursday the 16), he’ll be doing a lecture on drawing and sketches in Roger’s class that you should attend. I will also be there. More information on this as the date approaches.

October 23: Fourth sketches due. Special drawing session, hopefully. Pattern, shapes, color.

October 30: Fourth assignment due. Fifth assignment given out. Drawing and distorting from the model. Pattern work.

November 6: Fifth assignment sketches due. Special op-ed challenge. Bring FULL supplies to class.

November 13/14: Assignment 5 is due via email. While not technically a class meeting, this is the date of the Illustration Department’s annual bus trip to New York City. Attendance on this trip is mandatory for this class (barring other classes interfering – speak to me if there is an issue). More information about activities specific to this class as the date approaches. We will discuss the final assignment on the trip.

If you bring back something meaningful from your visit, I will award some extra credit for this class.

November 20: Sketches for the final assignment due. Second special op-ed challenge. Bring FULL supplies to class.

November 27: Thanksgiving recess. We do not meet for class this week. Seventh assignment sketches due.

December 4:  Final assignment due. Painting and/or drawing from the model. Bring drawing and/or painting supplies to class. This is our last class – bring all assignments to class for a final once-over before survey.

December 8: Survey for Seniors. Bring all finished work to survey.
December 9: Survey for Juniors. Bring all Finished work to survey.

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